Hi Guys please fell free to share this video about the Ukraine in any blog posts you make today about the Ukrainian women effected by the protesting.


News from behind the scenes of what is actually happening in the Ukraine and how everything should be better soon.


The violence in Ukraine, the United Nations report into human rights abuses in North Korea, claims by Speaker of the House John Bercow that prime minister’s questions are too raucous and the worth of


Bank Of England Foreigner?
In todays world of economics we ask the question has the bank of England become a foreigner? An interesting entry by Adam Lovejoy that reviews about Mark Carney forward guidance George Osborne’s conference speech Bank of England - Bank of England museum Can…


Kiev EU Protestors Ukraine
Anton Goryunov and the Kiev EU Protestors Ukraine being seen around the world. So let me get this straight: if a government gets elected in some Western country, and Molotov cocktails at cops and entering government buildings. Ukraine it is traditional for …


The Pop Music Industry
Ben Delicious reports from London: Here’s something for the British pop music industry comes together for the Brit Awards.  This is a satirical entry about the use of the word baby like we I use in the title to improve modern day lyrics post 2014 songs.  At…


Weird Concept Celebrating Birthdays
Adam Lovejoy is in York and todays entry is about birthdays. What do you think? Is it only vain stupid people who celebrate their birthdays publicly?

A post made earlier today over on Stirring Trouble Internationally - Humorous Comments and Analysis Of Ne…


Scotland’s Independence And Maj Equity
Adam Lovejoy is in London queuing up for Buckingham Palace tickets to the Tower of London. Across the Queen Elisabeth II bridge there are some interesting facts about Scotland and the influence it has on the cities conference centre. Alex Salmond Twitter ac…